6 Jul 2012

Wear black and blue

We all love the shades of blue: baby, azure, navy, royal, to neon blue, and we all have black in our wardrobe. Now, why don't you try every fashionista's favorite color combo: black and blue! It's gorgeous, irresistible, and will make you look stylish instantly without putting too much effort! You won't need those spiky towering boots or busy statement necklace today as the black and blue combo itself spells SOPHISTICATION!

Pull off this look by selecting something basic or classic in black, then add a zing with shocking electric blue items! A word of caution: do not go for dark navy blue, as the color combo will be eye-squinting instead of eye-popping and will only result in gloomy- boring mix. If you have the urge to add another color, keep it very neutral like white and ivory for example, let the b & b be the focus.

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