27 Sep 2011

Pink, Pink!

Yesterday I was totally inspired by the latest episode of Gossip Girl - "THE PINK PARTY" at Lily's house. (Season 4, episode 19.)
So here I'm partially in pink!

Tell me about your inspirations these days?
Juce sam bila totalno inspirisana poslednjom epizodom koju sam odgledala u Tračari - PINK zabavom koja se odvija u Lilinoj kući! (Sezona 4, epizoda 19.)
Pa evo me u pink - bež kombinaciji!

Pričajte mi o vašim inspiracijama ovih dana?

I was wearing:
Zara shirt,
Scarf as a belt,
Bershka panths,
Casadei pumps,
Bag - Hand Made in Italy.

26 Sep 2011

Sneak peak at VERSACE SPRING 2012

Versace brought out a flirty Spring 2012 collection at the Milan Fashion Week. Neat studded shorts, mini dresses and long floor length gowns were seen on the ramp in pastel hues. Mermaid, sea shells and star fish prints were also seen. The dresses were form fitting with cute little jackets which were again studded. Hair was long and sleek and makeup look was fresh and rosy. The collection was glamorous, feminine and beautiful.

Versaće je predstavio koketnu prolećnu kolekciju za 2012 na milanskoj modnoj nedelji. Preovladavali su šorts i  mini suknje kao i duže haljine obkovane metalnim dugmadima u pastelnim nijansama. Vodeći print su odneli morski motivi u obliku morskih sirena, školjki, morskih zvezdi i morskih konjića. Kosa je bila dugačka i uglađena a šminka ružičasta i sveža.
Kolekcija je glamurozna, ženstvena i prelepa!

Milan Fashion Week: Versace S/S 2012

25 Sep 2011

Fashion inspiration: CINEMAGRAPHS

Today I would like to show you something very new and exciting...
It is about images that are almoust alive - THE CINEMAGRAPHS!

What are they exactly? They are a mix of photos and videos created by Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg.


Danas bih htela da vam pokažem nešto novo i uzbudljivo...
Radi se o slikama koje su pa skoro sasvim žive - "The Cinemagraphs"

Šta su oni zapravo? Oni su miks fotografija i videa kreirani od strane Đžejimija Beka i Kevina Burga.

These are my favourite cinemagraphs! What about yours?
Ovo su moji omiljeni "cinemagraphs" . A vaši?

(CLICK to see more )

Ordinary day

I had a completlely ordinary day. The whole septembar is free from obligations for me and I really enjoy it...
From the first of octobar my colleges begin. I'll be officially gradueted in Economy and from fashion design in two years. Maybe I can make a schoolish post soon. What do you think?

Today i picked a Gucci sweater with my favourite Guess cream jeans. 
Imala sam sasvim uobičajeni dan. Ceo septembar mi je slobodan bez obaveza i baš mi je lepo da vam kažem...
Od prvog oktobra krećem sa fakultetima ponovo... Evropski Fakultet završavam a od Accademije del Lusso imam još dve godine. Možda bih mogla da napravim  jedan post u školici, šta mislite? :)

Danas sam se opredelila za Gucci leopard tuniku i moje omiljene Guess krem pantalone.

My brother - Andrej

I was wearing:
Gucci sweater,
Guess jeans, 
Casadei pumps

22 Sep 2011

Glam effect

My first trend symphathy for this season would be the real GLAM EFFECT. Tell my about yours?
The hallmark of this season is shine, shine and more shine combining matte fabrics with shiny finishes. Gold and metallic looks steal the whole show, both in clothes and on accessories.

Stay tuned to Amo lusso blog to discover more freshness from the world of fashion and fashion applaied as Lily's outfit posts.
Moja prva trend simpatija za ovu sezonu se zove GLAMUR. Pričajte mi o vašim?
Jesen-zima će odisati u sjaju, sjaju i u više od sjaja u kombinaciji sa mat teksturama.
Metalik-zlatni trend preti da ukrade sav šou preostalima, kako u odeći tako i u asesoarima.

Dragi zaljubljenici u modu ostanite i dalje uz Amo Lusso blog kako bi otkrili svežinu koju pruža modni svet iz sezone u sezonu kao i njenu primenu kroz Liline outfit postove.

My Mango inspiration

18 Sep 2011

GOSSIP GIRL season 5 - Can't wait!

Season 4 of Gossip Girl was a little tame.

Charlie turned out to be a con artist...Blair gets engaged to a PRINCE... Vanessa betrays Dan by stealing his story... and SOMEONE (BUT WE AREN'T SURE WHO) is preggers.
You know, usual day-to-day stuff.
Seriously, sarcasm aside - it finished off with a bang!! Season 4 probably had some of my favourite clothes ever...the plot was a little iffy...but the clothes, think of the clothes!
Speaking of clothes, here's a sneak peak of what the girls will be wearing in season 5:

Ooh la la what a lovely floral dress, you have there, Blair:
Oh look, a fancy dress:
You know what this means... a fancy party with amazing (looking) food, dresses and guest stars is approaching! Brace yourself! Here is a better look at what Blair's dress looks like when it isn't being shrouded in a dressing gown (we can't be certain until the episode airs, of course!):
Jenny Packham - Runway - Spring 2011 MBFW
Isn't it beeeeeeeeeeeeeautiful?!
Naww, what a lovely dress!
Don't worry! The thongs are only for rehearsals!
Oh and here is a new face:
Roxanne Mesquida plays Louis' sister (and Blair's new enemy...exciting, isn't it?). Apparently she is determined to break-up the wedding. Fans are speculating that she will be successful and Blair will end up with Chuck...again...eugh, haven't we dealt with this already?!
Blair's citrus-inspired outfit is nice - I especially love the heels and matching bag. Not too sure about that skirt though, kind of looks like she sat on a lemon patch. Oh wait, lemons grow on trees...nevermind.
Blair seems to be going for a bit of a nature-theme because the print of this dress kind of looks a bit like, well... marijuana which isn't exactly the type of thing you want to be advocating on a show for young women:
Nonetheless it is still quite pretty and the cut is so flattering on Leighton. Also, can't help but note Blair's shocked expression! What could have happened?!
Only Blake Lively could get away with wearing a dress that short!
But it looks lovely with a pink blazer thrown over the top! Oh, you know me...I just love blazers! And that green bag = ♥. Crazy cousin Charlie (some alliteration skills, right thurr) is back too. Evidently she isn't loco when it comes to choosing denim because those pink jeans are really nice. Although it's a little weird that they are wearing matching outfits. I mean, I love my cousins and all but still...
Yet another amazing green bag! I am sensing a pattern here...
GIVE ME YOUR SHOES, SERENA. GIVE ME YOUR SHOES AND YOUR BAG AND I WILL GIVE YOU MY...MY...*scans the room for nearest object*....ITALIAN DICTIONARY! It is a fair trade, it really is.
"Oh don't mind us...
...we just enjoy being rich and pompous."
Naww, what a pretty outfit! Love the shoes and the swishy maxi skirt. If I had a skirt like that, I would just stand in the sunshine and spin around in circles.
Burns? A tragic expression? This season is going to be dramatic, isn't it?
Reason #5489036790536890 why we watch Gossip Girl:
... because Chace Crawford has the face of an angel.
So how does season 5 kick off? Nate and Chuck party like it's 1999 in LA and Serena finds her 'purpose', while Blair is on the other side of the world, planning her wedding to PRINCE LOUIS. Sorry about the capital letters, royalty (even fake TV royalty) makes me excited.
Also, Liz Hurley joins the cast as Nate's love interest/ resident cougar. But we all know it won't work out because she is dating Shane Warne (at least in real life, anyway). And plus, Nate's love interests never work out any way.
Leopard print? Check. Tight? Check. Low-cut? Check. That dress is pretty much a staple in any (stereotypical) cougar's wardrobe. Still, Liz Hurley is such a stunner.
Also, we are so upset that Taylor Momsen won't be a season regular anymore. Everytime Jenny came on screen, you knew something crazy was going to happen.
Taylor recently told Elle magazine that she has 'quit' acting. "Music is all I ever wanted to do with my life," she told US Weekly. Well, if she's following her dream, I respect that. Good for you, Taylor!
Gossip Girl writers are saying that they have 'addressed' Jenny's absence on the show? Ooh what could it be? Shipped off to boarding school? Fallen down an elevator shaft? We'll just have to wait and see!!
Here is the trailer:
Can't wait to see Blair's wedding dress! I love a good wedding and a royal wedding is even more exciting!!
Izvor: Fashion Musings

16 Sep 2011

Prvi outlet centar u Srbiji!

Jedva čekam otvaranje ovog outlet shopping centra! A vi?

cam-00-D1.jpgIzgradnja „Fashion Park outlet centra” u Inđiji, projekat kompanije „BlackOak Developments” odvija se po planu  i završetak prve faze objekta  predviđen je za 1. mart 2012. godine. U prvoj fazi će biti izgrađeno 15.000 m² prostora na kom će se naći oko 70 prodavnica prestižnih svetskih brendova. Prema planu, druga faza centra, sa površinom od 5.000 m² prostora biće otvorena 2014. godine, a treća faza i dodatnih 10.000 m²godinu dana kasnije, odnosno 2015. godine.

Outlet će u ponudi imati garderobu najpoznatijih svetskih brendova po izuzetno povoljnim cenama; od 30% do 80% nižim od onih u redovnoj prodaji. Ukupna vrednost investicije je 40 miliona evra, a njenom realizacijom biće zaposleno više od 1.000 ljudi. Otvaranje prvog outlet centra u Srbiji je projekat koji kompanija “BlackOak Developments” radi u partnerstvu sa britanskom firmom “GVA Outlets”, jednim od najznačajnijih outlet operatera u Evropi. Kada bude potpuno završen, outlet će obuhvatiti prostor od 30.000 kvadratnih metara, više od 2.000 parking mesta, igralište za decu, restorane i brojne druge prateće sadržaje. 

“Nakon dobijanja svih potrebnih dozvola i usklađivanja poslovnih planova sa zakonskom regulativom u Srbiji, krenuli smo u realizaciju projekta i izgradnja teče po planu., izjavio je Đura Stanić, direktor kompanije “BlackOak Developments”. 

“Fashion Park Outlet Center Inđija” sastavni je deo „Retail Parka”, kompleksa površine 60 hekatara, koji će se sastojati od poslovnog hotela, “cash and carry” hipermarketa, salona nameštaja, prodavnica kućnih aparata i kancelarijskog prostora, ukupne investicije od preko 100 miliona evra. 

  „Inđija ima odličan geografski položaj. Nalazi se u neposrednoj blizini auto-puta i udaljena je oko 30 minuta vožnje od dva najveća grada u Srbiji Beograda i Novog Sada. Potencijal outlet centra je izuzetno veliki jer u njegovoj neposrednoj blizini živi čak 2.8 miliona ljudi. Izvanredna saradnja sa lokalnim vlastima i činjenica da je ugledni britanski Financial Times Inđiju pre tri godine promovisao u 20 najboljih mesta za ulaganja u Evropi veoma su nam olakšali odluku o tome gde ćemo ulagati”, rekao je Đura Stanić direktor BlackOak Developments-a. 

Za razliku od zemalja zapadne Evrope i Amerike, u kojima outlet industrija ima dugu tradiciju, u Srbiji i ostalim zemljama ovog dela Evrope, outlet biznis je u povoju. Outlet centri su specifični oblici trgovine u kojima potrošači svakog dana u nedelji u svakoj prodavnici mogu pronaći robu na popustu. Kupci u outlet centrima vrednosno su orijentisani i skloni kupovini brendirane robe po povoljnijim cenama. 

10 Sep 2011

Black and white stripes


I was wearing:
Pull my Daisy jumpsuit,
Casadei pumps, 
Bag: Negozio David, Firenze.

Vintage experience - PULL MY DAISY

Juče sam imala priliku da posetim jednu divnu vintage radnju u Beogradu!
Nisam mogla da sakrijem svoje oduševljenje komadima "Pull my Daisy" pa sam par njih uslikala kao i sebe u nekima :)

Saznala sam da pored vintage stvari drže nakit 'hand made' , da nude varitet unikatnih predmeta mladih dizajnera kao što je Ines Sunko čiji mi je dizajn torbe baš zapao za oko! (fotografija dole. )

Bila sam divno uslužena i ugošćena!
Pazarila sam look sa prve slike, i vraćaću se sigurno po još!
Uživajte i komentarišete kako vam se sviđaju komade koje sam uklopila. <3
Yestrday I had the opportunity to visit a vintage shop in Belgrade.
Pull My Daisy was such a great experience...

I was wearing:
Pull my Daisy leather sweater,
Pull my Daisy necklace,
Guess pants,
Casadei pumps

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