17 Jan 2015

The poncho

Poncho. You'll want to have it in all colors and materials... From cotton to cashmire and fur. Believe me! This is the piece to go for. In next few season. So bring it on! 
I chose this one - a simple cream one with black accents and I added a belt because I think it looks good for the whole shilluette. But you can wear it with out it though ;)

The leather leggings are also a fashion twist you can always use. And for the bag you know - the mini is the new big ;) Scroll down and be inspired. Don't forget to leave a comment ✌️

Pončo. Komad koji ćete hteti da posedujete u svim bojama i materijalima. Od onog pamučnog do onog od kašmira ili krzna ;)

Ja sam odabrala ovaj krem boje sa crnim akcentima i dodala kaiš jer smatram da tako lepo i skladno izgleda cela silueta. Svakako možete ga nositi i bez po izboru.

Kožne helanke su uvek as u rukavu koji možete da iskoristite. A što se tiče torbice - Mini is the new big ✌️

Skrolujte nadole i ne zaboravite da ostavite komentar ;) 

I was wearing:
Pearls & Trash leggings,
Thierry Mugler bag,
Givenchy boots.

Hair - Vergaš Academy 
Photo and Video - Marija Radosavljević


Unknown said...

Prelep outfit!! :)

Mary said...

Lily I don't visit your blog very often, but I can say this without doubt: your latest posts are getting better and better, I don't always like your combos,there are still few things to work out but that's okay, i'm sure you'll do it you just need a little bit more time. I wanted to ask you, which Serbian fashion bloggers you fancy the most? Who's your favorite? I would really like if you make a video that will be a little more personal, telling us things about yourself because I think that's really important in this blog fever that catched us all and gaining more followers. We want to know you better. Thank you very much for writing in English since I understand it better :-) xoxo M

Tatjana Jovanović said...

Jako mi se dopada ponco i ja bih tako slicno iskombinovala! Fotografije su odlicne!

Unknown said...

Savrseno <3


Unknown said...

Fantasticne fotografije...svaka mi je lepsa od druge...a ponoc je ljubav...jako dugo trazi da me neki obori sa nogu i to je bas ovaj :)
Trenutni post na mom blogu, i male dekorativne promene su aktuelne na:

Unknown said...

Divne fotografije a i pončo! :)

Lili Mitrovic said...

Hvala najlepse Nina!

Lili Mitrovic said...

Thank you Mary! My lovely followers are certainly my biggest inspo so I promise that I make a vlog with more words about myself. Speaking of serbian Fashion Bloggers I love the style of Tamara Kalenic.

Lili Mitrovic said...

Hvala Veronika!

Perlemanija said...

Sesir je prelep!

Lili Mitrovic said...

Hvala Majo! 💞

Lili Mitrovic said...

Hvala puno Ivana! 👠

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